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    HLF series of high-speed optical fiber laser cutting machine

    HLF series of high-speed optical fiber laser cutting machine

    New appearance design, performance is improved, as the international level of a new generation of high-speed optical fiber laser cutting machine 
    Gantry double drive lathe bed structure, high strength aluminum alloy beam, high efficient automatic switching workbench, production capacity 
    Ultra high speed cutting of sheet, plate efficiency in processing, metal material processing universality. 
    Advanced laser technology and the advanced digital control technology depth fusion, humanized interface parameters and cutting experts library comprehensive upgrade 

    Technical parameters

    CNC system and driver

    German SIMENS 840 DSL, pick up a new generation network architecture drive system 

    Ethernet, USB, RS232, Profibus communication interface, which can realize the factory network, information monitoring and remote diagnosis machine tool, and other functions 

    Fiber laser

    All the BPP constant power range, good beam quality, small light spot 

    More than 30% of electro-optical conversion efficiency 

    Modular design "plug and play" 

    Laser cutting head

    German brand, stable, efficient and safe 

    At the same time of optimal cutting quality, achieve the ideal cutting speed 

    Lasermatic distance sensor, servo efficiency and precision 

    Driving part

    German/Japanese international first-class brand 

    High strength, low noise, long service life 

    High positioning accuracy, good synchronization performance 

    The beam

    Aviation aluminum alloy high strength beam, extremely low distortion 

    By the finite element analysis optimization of high rigidity, lightweight design 

    High speed, good dynamic response, fast acceleration

    Lathe bed

    Steel structure welding lathe bed, whole annealing to eliminate internal stress, good rigidity, stable deformation 

    Imported large numerical control equipment, beyond the design standard of precision 

    Dust system design for dual channel partition


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