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    CFFP series optical fiber laser cutting machine
    CFFP series optical fiber laser cutting machine
    Economic material benefit, focus on sheet, high ratio of entry-level models
    New appearance design, performance is improved, and which is the second generation of high performance fiber laser cutting machine 
    Gantry double drive lathe bed structure, high strength lightweight lathe bed, workbench, efficient production efficiency
    Technical parameters

    Numerical control system

    Provide graphic processing, parameter Settings, the custom cut domestic editor, simulation, sorting and processing, such as empty away 

    All Chinese menu, intuitive and concise, short time can master the operation method 

    According to the machining graphics, raw materials of large, automatic nesting 

    The laser generator

    Matching the interpublic imported laser, also can be equipped with sharp domestic laser, such as 

    Good beam quality, mainly within 3 mm plate, medium plate cutting requirements within 10 mm 

    Cutting speed, stable operation, low maintenance cost 

    Laser cutting head

    Equipped with Swiss raytools, also optional domestically produced series of cutting head 

    Capacitive sensors induction plate deformation, maintain a constant cutting height 

    Gantry double drive

    Driven by longmen bilateral, stable structure, good drive, ensure enough speed and acceleration 

    Aluminum measure

    Lightweight design, dynamic performance is better, higher precision, ensure efficient cutting performance 

    Natural aging, the overall price, the advantages of small deformation, good rigidity, high strength, guarantee the long term stability 

    Plate welding lathe bed

    Frame USES the steel plate welded frame structure, internal for honeycomb strengthen overall good rigidity, high strength 

    After the high temperature tempering treatment to eliminate welding stress and aging treatment, effectively prevent the deformation of structure, ensure accuracy and life of the equipment 

    Through the preset before installation, fine adjustment levels with the right Angle 

    2 d laser cutting machine parameters

    1 the host 
    CFFP - 500-3015 
    CFFP - 700-3015 
    Machining width 1.5 X3 meters, 500 w, 700 w laser power can be selected, 
    1000 w, 1500 w imported fiber laser 
    Two precision gear and rack 
    Taiwan tyc 
    Three precision reducer APEX in Taiwan 
    4 precision linear guide Taiwan silver Also optional Yintai series in Taiwan 
    5 laser cutting head Gen keyuan Also optional American LASER MECHAISMS 
    6 specialized nesting software control system with laser cutting Shanghai BaiChu 
    7 servo motor Japan yaskawa 
    8 lathe bed, control cabinet and work station Gen keyuan integration 
    9 interpublic laser generator the United States 
    10 circulating water chiller East Lou Yang Also optional han state, with fly, etc 
    Gen keyuan 11 auxiliary gas control system 


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