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    HPI Series Hydraulic type CNC Turret Punch (5 axes)
    Main Structure Features:
    Designed by Nisshinbo, Japan. Nisshinbo supply the key components, it is the new generation of CNC turret punch manufactured.
    ◆Adopt the steel structure, wipe off the internal force through backfired after welding.   
    ◆Adopt the pentahedron milling centre which imported from Spain, finished all machining surfaces after one time setting up. Ensure the high precision and high quality of machine.                                  
    ◆Adopt the closed “O” type, more stable                              
    ◆This part is consisted of hydraulic station, 30tons punch unit and electric-card. The complete set imported from H+L Gmbh, Germany.               ◆Under the control of CNC system, it can realize all kinds of punching criterion and with the hydraulic automatically overload protection.              
    ◆he stroke of the hydraulic ram-head can be adjusted according to the actual instance, so that it can  attain the better punching time.
    ◆Adopts brush worktable with some ball steel
    Turret structure 
      ◆Thick turret structure, imported with original packaging 
    from Nisshinbo, Japan, ensures the accuracy and wearing 
    capacity of the turret.           
    ◆Slow down and drive system imported from Japan          
    Auto-index station
    ◆Adopts keeping touch index tool position worm wheel driven 
    unit , ensure the bidirectional driven precision.                                 
    ◆In order to ensure high precision and reliability, worm wheel units 
    Are imported from Japan with original packaging.         
    Beam carriage  & clamps                                     
    ◆Adopts the high precision, long-stroke ball screw 
    and linear guideway, having rapid speed, high moving 
    precision, and long life.
    ◆High strength prolonged clamp 
    makes the dead zone of clamp as smaller as possible.
    ◆Each clamp has one sensor, once sheet is loosened, punching operation will stop immediately.   
    Pneumatic system and lubrication system                              
    ◆Consists of air-source treatment 4-unit and every control air-valve, and the pressure is 0.65Mpa, the perform components have turret position cylinder, X axes origin position cylinder, re-position cylinder and clamp etc.
    ◆Adopts centralized lubricate mode.
    ◆ The repositioning is consisted of two cylinders and relevant valves. When the machine is in repositioning, it tightly press the workpiece press on the worktable, and when the clamp moves, the workpiece cannot move, to ensure the precision of the position of the two punching , also it can be enlarge the process range for the machine.
    CNC system
    ◆Adopts the SIEMENS controller 840D from Germany.
    Tool stations:
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