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    SLJS Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears
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    E21S controller 
    1- Backgauge Control
    2- Control for general AC motors, frequency inverter
    3- Intelligent positioning
    4- Double programmable digital output
    5- Stock counter
    6- Program memory of up to 40 programs
      Up to 25 steps per program
    7- One side positioning
    8- Retract fuction
    9- One key backup/restore of parameters
    10- mm/inch
    11- Chinese/English
    Product Features:
    ◆This shearing machine is with holistic welding structure treated by annealing.
    ◆The top rest moves downward under the pressure of the cylinder and it returns with the nitrogen cylinder’s help.
    ◆Manual adjustable blade clearance.
    ◆All major electrical and hydraulic elements of this shearing machine are assembled with high grade international brands.
    ◆An light alignment device makes shearing much easier and more efficient.
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