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    YC1 series Single-crank High Precision Press

    High Accuracy, Low Noise.

    C-type frame, high strength crank and connecting rod.
    YC1 series single-crank high-precison press has the features of high rigidity frame, high precision processing, lower noise. Equipped with color display device, all kinds of lights, counter, and production information, alarm information, maintenance information, improve operability. Advanced design, transmission center and machine center consistent; balance cylinder device makes the slider die run more smoothly; Screen display, crank position at a glance,locked type six-side long rectangle guides, bottom size of slide can be changed according to customers' requirement, This machine has different sizes and customers can choose different tonnages.


    Main Structure Features

    • High rigidity frame
    • High precision processing
    • Lower noise
    • Less synthetic clearance
    • Locked type six-side long rectangle guides
    • Less bending of die height, less deviation of kinetic energy
    • Less punching deformation
    • Convenient operation




    Processing control center
    Our company has top processing and inspecting equipment, and has the biggest contant-temperature workshop in the press-making filed. With 60 years' professional experence and richtechnology accumulation, also with perfect modern manufacturing system and quality control system, our company is sincere to supply the best products for all our customers.
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    3D measuring machine from Swiss.
    Laser measuring machine from Swiss.
    A spectrometer from Germany.


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