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    J25 C-type Frame Double-crank Press

    C-type frame, Convenient to operate.
    Suitable for metal sheet, Single punch dies.

    The J25 series C frame double crank press is with dry clutch and hydraulic overloading with steel welded body and good rigidity. This crank press machine has a electrical system controled by PLC, encoder and computer program.The electrical system has a convenient operation and reliable performance; The functions of Hydraulic overload protection device and automatic emergency stop guarante the safety of press machine and mould. In the slide there is six side rectangular guiding rails, high guiding precision,running stablely. The number of C-frame double crank presses is applicable to different parts of the job requirements; The press machine is in dry clutch and low noise. It is also of convenient maintenance; Transmission gear gumming lubrication has the features of low noise and stable transmission; This machine has different size capacities. Customers can choose different tonnages.

    Main Structure Features

    • High rigidity, reverse running double crank, counteract the side force
    • High off-set load capability in L-R direction
    • High accuracy, reaches JIS-Grade1
    • High rigidity, steel-welded frame
    • High precision, 6-side long guide rail
    • Pneumatic clutch-brake unite
    • Imported safety dual-solenoid valve for clutch
    • High sensitive HOLP
    • Automatic grease lubrication system
    • FDI (Frequency Drive Inveter)
    • PLC, encoder, cam controller
    • Optional Components: Output shaft, Air cushion, Slide knockout device, Automatic feeder, etc.



    Processing control center
    Our company has top processing and inspecting equipment, and has the biggest contant-temperature workshop in the press-making filed. With 60 years' professional experence and richtechnology accumulation, also with perfect modern manufacturing system and quality control system, our company is sincere to supply the best products for all our customers.
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