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    LPG Cylinder Production Line

    LPG Cylinder Production LIne is one of the metal forming solution we provide for international end users.This line is mainly included"Decoiler-Leveling-Hydraulic Blanking(We have optional single blanking,double blanking,triple blanking) ,Hydraulic deep drawing,Hydraulic valve base hole punching,Edge cutting,Shell shrinking,mechanical press for handle and base,handle and base rolling,welding frame for handle,base,valve base,furnace,sand blasting,painting line,hydraulic pressure testing,leakage testing etc.


    We provide personalized options for end users.Based on different type of output,LPG Cylinder Size,Base and Handler design.If you have needs regarding LPG Cylinder production line,or you are already an end user of LPG Cylinder production line looking for upgrate.Please kindly contact with us.Provide us informations like below


    1.The drawings of your LPG cylinders.

    2.The material of the LPG Cylinders,Material width,Material coil weigt.

    3.The out put of each kind of LPG Cylinders.

    4.Rough budget of the whole project.


    Than our highly experienced engineer team will provide you technology plan designed for you.After received the technology plan if you are intersted in our production line.Please come by China for factory tour.In our factory you will able to see our high quality machines,huge size workshop,also sit down face to face with our engineers for detail needs.If you need to see our production running.We can arrange you to visit our end users in China.


    After manufactuer we will send out an engineer team to your country for installation.We have an highly experienced engineer team travel all over the world for end users.They also will share experience in this area.Help you with your new product.


    We provide life time technology support for your production line.If you have problem regarding our production line.Please using your moblie to shoot an footage which can show your problem.Than we will feedback to you in 48 hours. 


    Here is a video of our LPG Cylinder production line.

    (You can check the footage after 60s ads.)


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