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    Light Pole Production Line
    We are committed to lampposts equipment, flagpole equipment, power pole equipment, communication tower equipment, wind power equipment manufacturing and service bar, and now has become the most professional light pole, power pole equipment manufacturer and service provider in the industry in leader. According to the different needs of users, equipped with the most affordable lampposts, flagpoles, power pole, communication tower, wind power pole complete production line. According to the different needs of our customers individually designed specialized production lines. Customers only need to provide the relevant parameters, we will provide customers with a comprehensive design and layout, to ensure that customers are able to produce qualified products. Truly "turn key" project:
    This equipment is used to expand steel coils, leveling and cut into the desired size of the unit. Artificial head fed into the plate leveling machine, press the set cutting length, the operating unit to complete school peace shearing action.
    This machine is especially suitable for long plate sheet shearing, easy to operate, cut sheet length can be adjusted with high labor productivity. The need to cut through the hydraulic cylinder of the plate is pressed against the walking device, the rotation of the disc cutter rolling shear, sheet and cut with walking devices running board. Binder, the diagonal size of the sheet required, you can cut taper plate. Therefore, this machine is widely used in the poles, container, metal structures, ships, hardware, construction and other industries.
    Rolling disc cutters mounted on two spindle, power transmission from the motor through reducer, speed adjustable, no noise, easy to operate. Main and auxiliary drive shaft, cutter on roll. 6CrWZSi material produced by the cutter, shear strength, good mechanical properties, long service life.
    Walking devices rely on wheel running on the rails transition rollers, driven by a motor through reducer, smooth running, reliable transmission, speed and hob compatible, adjustable. Sheet through a multi-stage hydraulic cylinder to be pressed on the running gear, ensure accurate cutting dimension.
    Walking device uses thick steel plate welded split structure to facilitate the transportation of equipment and installation. According to user requirements lengthened or shortened at will cut length.
    Feeding device structure is simple, with a 4-5 backgauge points and a hydraulic cylinder controlled feeding, retreat materials that are readily convertible to be sheared plate thickness, trapezoidal sheet without marking, direct shear, low labor intensity easy to operate.
    In the electrical design, rotary cutting head and walking device control, respectively, arbitrarily adjust the speed, and the clamping cylinder and a chain drive motor movements to ensure safe operation, convenient and reliable.
    The series machines are used to press metal plate. With different dies, it could make various work-pieces, which are widely used in aeroplane, ship, auto, engineering machinery, electricity rod, transformer and other relative lines.
    The machine is driven by hydraulic pressure and controlled by CNC. It could attain quick down, slow-down of ram, pressure steady while working, quick returning and intermediate stop functions. Also, it could be driven as inch, single & continuous ways. It could be operated either single or double ways.
    The frame is welded by steel plate of good rigidity and strength.
    The ram run smoothly. Reposition precision, anti-eccentric load, work-pieces made precision are high because the use of circulation around servo control against CNC + electrical-hydraulic proportion valves linear encoder.
    The press in air and the one of different angles are available. The crowning device which is built into the table and controlled by CNC attain the precise deflection compensation.
    Brief description:
    The equipment consists of a host header and traction bed and feeding stand composition, traction bed caught by the moving trolley chuck steel stud, car campaign to promote the steel from the head to the bulk of the small cone than in the host header by six clips claw clamp down uniform motion, the feed rod big end steel trolley the holding under implementation by the machine head guide wheels automatic seam, seam steel while welding arc welder beginning. The device uses automatic submerged arc welding, flux automatic recovery, uniform continuous weld appearance, strong penetration, forming, welding, high efficiency, speed of 2-3 m / min, is three times the gas shielded welding. Cost less than GMAW welding, welding industry is currently the fastest poles, good effect, the lowest price of the device.
    A brief description of the device
    The device is simple and compact structure, convenient and reliable, the specific operation may be manually placed steel die on the button box held by the workers hold the jog-pressure, steel straightness by manual visual control, high efficiency
    The device can be used as a plasma or gas cutting, cutting speed, can be cut simultaneously bulls, using simple computer programming, you can cut simple graphic plate, especially for electricity pole rod, flanges and other parts of the cutting, cutting surface is smooth, without the need for secondary metal processing, is the pole, power pole, communication tower essential equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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