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    Kitchen Sink Production Line
    This quotation is base on kitchen sinks below. This production line contains decoiler for coil raw and shearing machine for cutting material.Hydruailc press for deep drawing sinks and cutting and trimming edge.Polishing Machine for polish surface of kitchen sinks.
    (2)Solution Description:
    A.Cutting material, cut the sheet materials by automatic feeder system and shearing machine.
    B.Deep drawing for sink bowls by hydraulic press machine.
    C.Stamping filter of kitchen sinks
    D.utting edge by hydraulic press.
    E.Forming edge by hydraulic press.
    F.Stamping and cutting drain holes by press machine
    G.Cutting overflow holes in the side of bowls by press machine.
    H.Drawing filter parts in water flow holes. There are 3 parts of it.
    I.Polish 4 inside grounds of kitchen sinks.
    J.Polish upper surface of kitchen sinks.
    K. polish button of kitchen sinks.
    Please check the solution of kitchen sinks line.
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