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    YS2L Series H-type Frame Two-point Link Drive Press

    YS2L series h-type frame two-point link drive press is a kind of mechanical press machine which is typically used in large and heavy tonnage die tooling with multiple precision stages in blanking, piercing, bending forming for single for progressive application, wide bolster and slide areas. This H-frame heavy duty press has beam, column, a base body of closed type structure, with the four tension screw tightening, good rigidity. With eccentric gear structure, the distance between the slide and two connecting rod center is large, the eccentric load resistance ability. This H frame heavy duty press has dry pneumatic friction clutch, so the noise is small. With the clutch torque,small braking angle, it is convenient to maintenance. PLC electric centralized control, with emergency stop, inching, single, continuous operation specification . Optional photoelectric protection of thistwo-point mechanical power pressincludes a drive output shaft, automatic feeding, cushion, moving table, temperature sensor device.


    Main Structure Features

    • Link motion drive
    • Long stoke, high rigidity ,high precision and stability
    • H-type frame inclubles three parts: crossbeam,uprights and base
    • Eccentric gear structure, large center distance between two connecting rods, strong load deviation resistant capability
    • High precision, 8-side long guide rail
    • Big torque, low inertia, pneumatic cluth-brake unit
    • High sensitive HOLP
    • Automatic oil cycle lubrication system
    • PLC double circuit control
    • Optional Components: air cushion, movable bolster, automatic feeder, tonnage monitor, air pressure and die height automatic adjustment device, etc.
    • Specifications:

    Processing control center

    Our company has top processing and inspecting equipment, and has the biggest contant-temperature workshop in the press-making filed. With 60 years' professional experence and richtechnology accumulation, also with perfect modern manufacturing system and quality control system, our company is sincere to supply the best products for all our customers.
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